Friends of the Garden

We’re so excited to announce our new addition to the Friends “family”. We’ve published a cookbook titled Dinner with Friends. They will be for sale at Wister Gardens and local area businesses in Belzoni. The price is $20.00. It’s a must have for any cook. Receipes are from various cooking demonstrations held at the Gardens and from Friends of the Gardens. Don’t hesitate to get your cookbook today!


The mission of the Friends of Wister Gardens shall be to support and encourage the development of the goals and projects of the Gardens, to serve as ambassadors to advance awareness of the Gardens,and to enhance the experiences of visitors.

Get Involved:

While the Gardens are supported by a permanent trust, many special developments and maintenance projects as well as promotional projects exist that are beyond the scope of this trust. Your financial support through membership and donations will help the Friends of Wister Gardens support important projects for the Gardens. Become a Friend of the Gardens today, and watch the Delta’s garden educate and delight visitors for years to come.