The Story of our beginnings
Just North of Belzoni on Highway 7, visitors will be delighted by beautiful Wister Gardens. The 14 acres that is known as Wister Gardens were developed by Frances Chiles Henry and Wister Henry beginning about 1937. Now supported by a permanent trust, the gardens feature free admission with spectacular year-round viewing.

Hundreds of azaleas of many varieties line pathways, cover wooded areas and drives, and set the Garden aglow from about March 25 to April 25.

Hundreds of roses are scattered throughout the Gardens, with two designated rose gardens. Daylilies abound in the Garden with the best viewing of the hundreds of varieties during early June and July.

Other attractions in the Gardens are a six-sided gazebo, a place where outdoor weddings are held and some come to enjoy the trees and flowers on a summer’s day.

A large fountain from Italy installed over an artesian well is a site to behold. A statue of Johnny Appleseed is across the lawn from the Garden House. This award was presented to Mr. Henry by the Men’s Garden Club of America and is the highest award presented to gardeners.

A year-round glassed in garden house, heated in winter and air conditioned in summer, is available by reservation for special occasions. The garden house now features a state of the art Viking kitchen, which is an asset for catering staff or cooking demonstrations.

The Garden Club of Belzoni established an arboretum at the Gardens in 1983. Identification markers were placed on 150 different varieties of trees and shrubs. Visitors walking through the Gardens will not only see beautiful flowers and shrubs, but will enjoy watching various fowl roaming the spacious acreage. A variety of ducks occupy the four acre lake.

We invite you to join us for various seasonal events held at the Gardens. Come visit the “Delta’s Garden”.