Guaranteed Backstage Passes With These Ideas

Picture this. Your favorite artist is in town and you are hoping someone would give you their backstage passes. While it is difficult to obtain passes for backstage entry, there are few things you can do to catch a glimpse of the singer before or after the music concert, click here to know more or visit to read some of the recent trending articles on entertainment and lifestyle.

Before that, you can take a cue from these tips that will help you win that coveted backstage pass.

  • Sign Up For Fan Clubs

Whether you enjoy crooning to the songs of Justin Bieber or Katy Perry, you can go a step ahead and be a part of your favorite artist’s fan club. You can post relevant content on the page and even send words of appreciation. Let them know that you are really interested in their songs. Be sincere and do not sound dramatic.

If you have been of the opinion that celebrities never read their fan’s messages on their website, you are wrong. Most of the artists are active on social media and few of them even send personal messages in reply to a post.

  • Work At The Venue

This idea is easy and the coolest. Any music concert will always have a shortage of hands to work backstage. Most of the event management companies require people to carry the instruments inside or move the lighting equipment from the vehicles. You would have noticed that there is always a beehive of activity before the concert begins.

When you know that there is a concert in town, contact the company weeks or months in advance and let them know about your interest. Volunteer to keep the crowd in place or you can provide security cover for the artist.

  • Tune In To Your Local Radio Channel

Get in touch with a radio channel who has associated themselves as the official partner of the event. You can start off by calling them and letting them know that you are keen on getting the passes. There will be several fans trying their luck, and you might get lucky at the end of the day.

  • Start A Group

You can gather all your friends who are true fans of Coldplay and create a video about the singer. If this is too much to ask you can take pictures of your group and email them with all contact information. Add a personal note saying how much you appreciate their music and you are hoping to meet them someday.

  • Dress Well For The Concert

Backstage crew mostly dress up in black and it is an easy way to identify them. Strike a conversation with them and find out if they require additional help. Remember to create a good impression as you can find scouts in the crowd looking for interested fans who can assist them.

  • Participate In All The Concerts

Don’t just attend one or two concerts of the artist. Ensure that you actively participate in all the events organized by the concerned music artist. If you win passes through the band’s website, you will get in touch with someone who can help you get future passes.

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